Information  about  the  Journal

The journal publishes theoretical and empirical material on the results of research in the field of psycho-pedagogical, physical, mathematical, biological and geographical, philosophical, philological, historical, socio-political, cultural sciences

 «VESTNIK PSHPU» is published in three editions:

Series № 1 – psychological and pedagogical sciences. Contents of series is focused on current issues of common differential, developmental and educational psychology, general pedagogy, theory and methodology of teaching and upbringing, correctional pedagogy, theory and techniques of physical education, athletic training, therapeutic and adaptive physical education, theory, methodology and organization of socio-cultural activity, theory methods and  preschool education, theory and methodology of professional education.

Preferred themes of this series are research of psychology of subjects of the educational process according to the theory of integral individuality depending on the individual, age-related, social and pedagogical conditions of development; development of individual and personal capacity of students in general, and additional and professional education; research of the mechanisms of development of project-investigational culture of a  teacher.

Series № 2 – physic-mathematical and natural sciences. Contents of series is focused on the leading branches of basic and applied research in physics, biology, chemistry, mathematics.

Preferred themes of this series are vibrating hydromechanics and modelling of complex systems; ecosystems the Volga-Kama and Ural regions , their structural and functional correlation.

Series № 3 – liberal arts and social science. Contents of series is focused on current issues of history, ontology and epistemology, social philosophy, philosophical anthropology, cultural studies, sociology, linguistics and literary studies.

Preferred themes of this series are specificity of modern social and scientific knowledge; intersubjective philosophical foundation in knowledge of social phenomena; problems of religious, ethnic and cultural identity; sociological studies of everyday culture; cognitive status of historical memory in the study of social reality; actual problems of civilization and national history; history, archeology and ethnography of the Volga-Kama region; conceptual analysis of the linguistic culture ; national-cultural and regional specificity of the language; problems of the theory and history of the literary process; semiotic-communicative nature of literature; semiotics and poetics of a literary text

Frequency of publication of each series - 2 times a year

Founder  of  the  Journal «VESTNIK PSHPU» is The Perm State Humanitarian Pedagogical University

Editor of  the  Journal «VESTNIK PSHPU» is The Perm State Humanitarian Pedagogical University

Series №1

"Psychological and pedagogical sciences"

ISSN 2308-717X (Online)

ISSN 2308-7218 (Print)

Series №2

"Physical and Mathematical and Natural Sciences "

ISSN 2308-7188 (Online)

ISSN 2308-720X (Print)

Series №3

"Liberal arts and Social Sciences"

ISSN 2308-7196 (Online)

ISSN 2308-7226 (Print)

Printed with the original layout  in the RIO PGGPU, 614990,Perm, st. Pushkin 44, block 2, office 71