Research laboratories

The Laboratory of methodological support in teaching of Mathematics in comprehensive secondary schools.
The main scientific aim of the laboratory is the approbation of students’ research works.
Academic advisor: Galina N. Vasilieva – Candidate of Pedagogic Sciences, Assistant Professor of the Chair of Theory and Methods of Teaching Mathematics
Research Laboratory of the Faculty of Physical Training
Nowadays the specialists of the research laboratory work out, organize and hold refresher courses for PE teachers and coach-instructors.The teaching staff also provide such counselling services as personal consultations for sportsmen and coach – instructors and psychological follow-up of the training process in various kinds of sport. 
Head of Laboratory: Tatyana A. Polyakova, Candidate of Pedagogic Sciences, Associate Professor.
The Laboratory of the Psychosomatic Growth of Children 
The functioning of the association of remedial Pre-school Educational Institutions «Silver Lining (Luch Nadezhdy)» is organized at the premise of the laboratory collaboratively with the Municipal Committee on Education and Science, the Chair of Special Pre- school Pedagogy  and Psychology There are also held meetings on the problems of pedagogical and psychological guiding of children with special educational needs. 
The laboratory specializes in probation, consulting and training specialists who work with children with developmental disorders including multiple defects. On completing the course, the specialists are certified.
Variants of individual remedial approaches for children with various nosologies are in the process of development.
Head of Laboratory: Tatiana E. Tokaeva, Candidate of Pedagogic Sciences, Associate Professor.
The Laboratory of Social Development of Preschoolers
The top priority of the laboratory is the capacity building of its participants, which provides an effective realization of concept-based fundamentals of the culture framework in preschoolers’ social development.
Head of Laboratory: Lyudmila V. Kolomiychenko, Doctor of Education, Professor.
The Laboratory of Biological Diversity and Phyto- and Lichen- Ecology
The main activity of the laboratory is scrutinizing the taxonomical and ecology diversity of plants and lichens, thriving in Perm Krai, the Urals, the Kama Basin and other regions.
Head of Laboratory: Igor A. Zolotukhin, Professor, Doctor of Engineering, Associate Professor.
The Laboratory of Organic Synthesis and Analyses
The research guideline of this laboratory is the study of polycarbonyl systems with superimposed dicarbonyl units and their nitride linear and ringed derivatives (derivatization, structure, physicochemical properties) as well as the investigation of multicomponent and tandem reactions in the synthesis of high-spin molecular magnetic substances and nanosystems in terms of complex compounds with transition metals.
Head of Laboratory: Vladislav O. Kozminyh, Doctor of Chemistry, Professor.
Research Laboratory of Zoology
The Research Laboratory of Zoology was created to help The Department of Education of the Perm Region and The Municipal Committee on Education and Science with planning and assisting schools and ecology centers in the Kama region with their equipping with mineral resources and hand – outs to strengthen the regional component in training Biology, and environmental conscientiousness of pupils and the  population on the whole. The laboratory also conducts consultations for the Biology teachers from secondary schools, specialists from ecology centers, heads of project groups in making, storing and distributing visual aids at schools and using museum specimens.
Head of Laboratory: Sergei A. Shurakov, Candidate of Biological Sciences, Associate Professor
Laboratory of Age Morphophisiology
The aim of the laboratory is to widen and deepen theoretical models about the correlation of children and students’ levels of regulation depending on the level of their physical activity and other kinds of stresses and to widen and deepen the concept of people’s adaptive capabilities to various conditions of the human environment.
Head of Laboratory: Andrey I. Kozlov, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor.
Academic and Research Laboratory of Arthropods Physiology and Apiculture
The laboratory organizes scientific research concerning arthropods including honey bee, its ecology and life sustaining activity, it also investigates the systems of biological monitoring of the influence of various ecological factors.
Head of Laboratory: Alexandr V. Petukhov, Candidate of Biological Sciences, Associate Professor.
Laboratory of Physiological Ecology of Animals
The area of research in the Laboratory of the Physiological Ecology of Animals is the mechanisms of thermal adaptation of the anamniotics such as amphibians and reptiles. Four research projects are in the process of working out.The first one is connected with the influence of the solar radiation (UV – radiation, visible light, infrared rays) on the somatic temperature and thus on the adaptive capability of poikilothermic animals. The second one investigates the reactions of cardio-vascular system on the alternating temperature (a critical, volitional and an optimal ones) .The third one studies reptile helminthiasis and helminthes on the whole. The fourth one investigates the influence of the environmental factors on the successfulontogenesis of birds belonging to different ecological groups during the early stage of their development.The research work is conducted either during annual expeditions (the Cis –Ural region, Middle and Lower Volga) or in a laboratory setting. The laboratory staff managed to gather the biggest collection of reptile temperatures in Russia.
Head of Laboratory: Litvinov Nikolai Antonovich, Candidate of Biological Sciences, Associate Professor.
Laboratory for vibrational hydromechanics
The fields of research: vibrational hydromechanics of  heterogeneous  systems; vibrational thermal convection; vibrational methods of heat and mass transfer in modern chemical and biological technological processes.
Chief of the laboratory: Voktor G. Kozlov, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor, the head of the chair of general and experimental physics.
Computing laboratory forcomplex systems modeling.
Head of Chair: Dmitry A. Bratsun, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, the head ofthe chair of theoretical physics and computer modeling.
Laboratory for digital educational resources andinstructional design.
Fields of activity:
  • research of the topical issues of  instructional design theory and practice, digital educational resources creating; the research work is carried out by the experimental testing laboratory under the Digital educational resources that provides with  educational materials in students training activities of pedagogical and engineering majors;
  • absorption of modern technologies of the teaching process informational support and new methods of digital educational resources use, designed through the  informational support program at  the regional and federal levels, introduction of IT solutions into the teaching process;
  • teaching and learning aid developments and experimental training activity with students in the methods of digital educational resources use and innovative teaching materials absorption, set up through the Federal Target Program on the unified education and information environment (Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation), ISO projects (National Fund of Personnel Training)and personal and regional digital educational resources;
  • teaching and learning aid developments and students experimental learning activities in mastering the theory and practice of the teaching process instructional design in response to information and communication technologies tendency in education;
  • contribution to a rising initiative and enthusiasm on the part of a teaching staff in the sphere of educational robot technologies; intensification and methodological support of innovative educational technologies and provision of their being introduced into the system of secondary school education (General Republican testing at the lessons and in out-of-class activities, students' research projects, students and teachers' participation in extracurricular and competition activities);
  • provision of access into the materials devised and educational experience acquired for a wide range of the system of education specialists (including the university teachers, the Board of education workers, school students and school teachers) , with the help of the Internet, seminars and conferences, publications, materials edition etc; promotion of the university teachers' works formulation;
  • information and communication technologies in the university work;
  • organization of personnel training, continuing professional development in the sphere of learning materials projection and instructional design of schools work inresponse to information and communication technologies tendency in education;
  • personnel training, continuing professional development of educators in the sphere of information technologies;
Chief of the laboratory: Elena V. Ospennikova, Doctor of Education, professor, the head of the department of multimedia didactics and information technology of teaching.
Laboratory for a methodical support for technological profiles in comprehensive secondary schools and vocational schools.
The main research tasks completed by the laboratory: a methodical support in introducing GEF of a new generation into the practice and work of handicraft teachers; study and introduction of innovative pedagogical techniques; design and productive activity aimed at creating new light industry work pieces;
Chief of the laboratory: Alexey N. Ilyin, Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, associate professor.
Laboratory for archaeological trasology, antropology and experimental archeology.
Academic interests: the archeology of the Stone Age and the Medieval period in the Cis-Ural Region, the material culture history, palaeoecology,   palaeoanthropology and ethnical anthropology,  the re-enactment of the ancient world environmental support systems, experimental archeology.
Chief of the laboratory: Natalia G. Bryukhova, Svetlana I. Abdulova.
Laboratory for psychology of teaching and media psychology.
The fields of activity:
  • methodological – the development of the theory of psychology:
a) the theory that reveals the nature of psychological phenomena that occur as a result of the person – media scene contacts,
b) the theory that defines the system of media psychology key categories (“media scene”, “media object”, “media figure” etc.)
c) the theory that is able to give grounds for methodological approaches for the organization of media psychological and pedagogical practice.
  • Scientific and research activity:
a) standardized psychometric methods in media effects;
b) experimental testing, that form objective laws ofmedia scene. Some empirical investigations devoted to the study of advertisement` efficiency and the Internet communication have been implemented.
Chief of the laboratory: Denis O. Smirnov, Candidate of Psychological Sciences, associate professor.
Laboratory for differential psychology
The laboratory works on various aspects of the “Theoretical and methodological study of an integrated individuality and its development” problematics:
    • «The integrated individuality as the object of psychogenetic research».
    • «Style in the integrated individuality structure».
    • «Abilities in the integrated individuality structure».
    • «Particular characteristics of musical aptitude and its relevance with the integrated individuality nature».
Chief of the laboratory: Dmitriy S. Kornienko, Doctor of Psychological Science, associate professor.
Laboratory for socio and pedagogical techniques in youth outreach
Primary targets of the laboratory:
    • implementation of research and experimental work on the basis of: educational establishments,  establishments of culture, health care organizations, sport institutions, social welfare institutions, penal institution and the State Committee for Youth Policy for youth outreach implementation;
    • study and generalization of the working experience of specialists in youth outreach in various dimensions of social education and social protection` realization;
    • introduction of approved socio-pedagogical techniques for the work with children and youth into educational process of educational establishments,  establishments of culture, health care organizations, sport institutions, social welfare institutions, penal institution and the State Committee for Youth Policy for youth outreach;
    • continuing Education and Training and Retraining ofsocial sphere workers (the sphere of: education, culture, health care, sport, social welfare, penal system and youth policy).
Chief of the laboratory: Lubov A. Metlyakova, Candidate of pedagogic sciences.
Research laboratory «Tutorial support in education»
Fields of activity:
    • development and testing of tutorial techniques;
    • assessment and counseling of potential tutors;
    • programs of study on tutorial support;
    • development of outcome monitoring` criteria in experimental activities.
Chief of the laboratory: Tamara Y. Shikhova, Candidate of pedagogic sciences, associate professor.
Laboratory for supplementary education for children
The main aim is a scientific support to supplementary education establishments and a teaching staff.
Primary targets:
    • creation of priority development fields of the development of  supplementary education for children.
    • promotion of science-oriented practice and practice-oriented science.
    • recognition and support to innovative practice in the system of supplementary education for children.
In the centre of attention of the laboratory is:
    • to conduct questionnaires, surveys and other forms and methods of diagnostics and analytics along with  involvement of experts;
    • to carry out expert examination and to review education programs,  assessment materials and regulationsбdeveloped by educators and educational establishments;
    • to detect positive and negative trends in the organization of supplementary education for children and software of  the learning activity;
    • to carry out an analysis of achievements in pedagogics;
    • to carry out analysis and experience rating in an innovation activity of educators and supplementary education.
Сhief of the laboratory: Saniya Syleimanova, Candidate of pedagogic sciences, associate professor.