Zoological Museum

The complexity of the museum's activities: the combination of archival, educational, popularization, methodical, structural and technological, journalistic work of the museum.

One of the priorities of the museum is its scientific work, which is based on the collection of materials. Students’ attraction to archival and research work contributes to the including of a museum collection in active and educational activities of students

Botanic Museum
Museum of Archaeology and Ethnography of the Perm Urals

MuseumofArchaeologyand Ethnography of the Perm Urals was created in 2003. You can visit the exposition in the auditorium 56 of the main building PSHPU (Sibirskaya St., 24).

The main function of the Museum is learning. Students of the History Faculty have an opportunity to observe certain subjects of archeology and ethnography, while studying archeology and ethnography, and related disciplines (ex: a special course.).

Besides, excursions to the Museum are conducted for all comers. Recently several hundred pupils, students and citizens who are interested in the history of their native land have visited the Museum.

Currently, the program "Museum for everyone" is being developed. The purpose is to create all the conditions for excursions, not only for the above mentioned categories of visitors, but also for people with poor eyesight and hearing.

This practice is widely spread in Europe and, hopefully, it will be in demand inRussiaandPerm, in particular.