Leading Research Schools

Research schools, established in the 20thcentury

1. «Integral individuality and psycho-pedagogical provision of its development in life long learning» (Professor V.S. Merlin).

2. «Pedagogical suggestion in education  (Professor I. E. Schwartz). Nowadays there are 4 leading focus areas:

    • The interaction of persuasion and suggestion in the process of socialization and resocialization of adolescent children (A.S. Novosiolova)
    • The development of the creative potential of children during the process of education (A.I. Sanikova)
    • Innovative activities in education (B.M. Chernyi, I.G. Nikitin)
    • Interactive methods in training communication skills (L.K. Geihman)

3. «Fluid and plasma mechanics. Convection currents, convective instability of balance and currents, the influence of various factors on the instability» are the main prospects of thePermHydrodynamicsResearchSchool(the founder and the first head ProfessorE.M. Zhukhovickii).

4. «Consortive relations and structures of populations in natural and anthropogenic ecosystems» – (Professor I. A. Selivanov)

5. «Physiological ecology of the vertebrate fauna» (Professor A. M. Bolotnikov)

6. «Socio-political situation in the Urals in the ХIХ - ХХcenturies» (I. S. Kaptsugovich)

New research schools (created in the 21st)

7. «PermschoolofArcheologyand Ethnology» – (Professor A. M. Belavin)

9. «Semiotics of culture» - (Professor I. A. Podiukov)

10. «Musical art and education. The problems of its historical development» (Professor V. I. Adishchev)

11. «Modern Russian literature in the context of culture» (Professor M. P. Abasheva)

12. «Anthropocentric research of the modern paradigm of International education»

13. «Social development and upbringing in the cultural paradigm of the educational process» (L. V. Kolomijchenko)