Provider Center of  International Baccalaureate
International Baccalaureate is a cross functional school educational system, united for the world. International Baccalaureate school leavers get the opportunity to enter the leading universities of the world. Introduction of the system of International Baccalaureate helps graduates develop professional competency and enables them to fulfill themselves in the international educational sphere.
Provider Center of  International Baccalaureate was launched 20 March in 2012  upon an initiative of the director of the IB regional center in Europe, Africa and Middle East.
In accordance with the agreement, the Provider Center is entitled to organize official IB workshops that all the IB teacher are obliged to attend.
Provider Center of IB in PSHPU is exclusive in  CIS.
The head of the provider center of IB in PSHPU is the representative of IB in Russian Federation
Head of the center: Konstantin E. Bezukladnilov, Doctor of Education, Professor.
The head of the chair of  methods of teaching languages, head of personnel and human resource center. An Honorary Worker of Higher Education, a corresponding member of the International Teacher’s Training Academy of Science.
Center for Ethnolinguistics of the Peoples of Prikamye
Primary targets: integrated language and culture and ethnographic (ethnolinguistic and folkloristic) surveys of intellectual culture of the peoples of Perm region.
Head of centre: Ivan A. Podyukov, Doctor of Philology, Professor. The head of the chair of General language science. 
Center for contemporary Russian literature
Center carries out the following activities to achieve the set goals:
    • provides students and post-graduates with scientific, information-data support in research in the sphere of contemporary literature, journalism and contemporary culture, contributes to the publication of the performance results;
    • involves students and post-graduates into the cultural and philological sphere, into the project activities in the city, region and country.
    • participates in scientific personnel training: becomes a base for writing postgraduate and Master's thesis, graduation papers; fosters links with libraries, schools and other educational, scientific and cultural establishments.
    • performs training of the students of philological faculty with a specialization in “Practical Journalism”.
Head of the center: Marina P. Abasheva, professor of the chair of Contemporary Russian Literature, Doctor of Philology.
Research and Practical Centre "Academy of Health" carries out the following activities:
    • organization and implementation of research and scientific work of students and teachers in current problems, including bioinformatics technologies ( proprietary technologies);
    • establishment of international, interacademic and interagency scientific and educational connections;
    • training and professional development of faculty members;
    • traineeship in massage, remedial gymnastic, adapted Physical Education, nursing, first medical aid etc., «Nordic Walking» (Agreement of cooperation between Perm State Humanitarian Pedagogical University and Gdansk University of Physical Education and Sport) 4th October 2013 Gdansk, Poland.
    • general medicine and preventive careлечебно-профилактическая работа (professional consultations and advice);
    • organization of services to consumers and businesses (lessons in health-improving groups, working out of tour itinerary and oversnow expeditions);
    • formulation and realization of conventions (including international), grants, agreements, contracts, patents;
    • arranging conferences and holding congresses.
Head of the Center: Lyudmila V. Sharova, the head of the chair of Adapted  and Remedial Physical Education,   Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor.
Center Of Speech Pathology
The center performs the following activities:
    • The study of current organizational and methodological, medical and social, psychological and pedagogical problems hampering training, upbringing, social adaptation of persons with speech disorders.
    • Identification of people with speech pathology and  families looking for assistance in the center
    • Diagnostics  of disorders of speech development
    • Development of individual rehabilitation programs for people with speech disorders
    • Development and implementation of education and rehabilitation technologies providing the fulfillment of individual rehabilitation programs with speech disorders
    • Development of a common information space of social health and psycho-pedagogical support for people with speech disorders and computer database of people with speech disorders and systematic renewal of  it in accordance with the change of people in the Center.
    • Provision of  methodical, social and psychological, educational and informational support for the educational process of children with speech disorders to adapt them to the environment of the educational institution and integration into society.
    • Organization of vocational guidance (and special consultation and  diagnostics) of people with speech disorders.
    • Organization of lectures, workshops for parents, cooperative training classes  for parents with children.
    • Provision of specific types and forms of psychological and pedagogical service by other institutions and professionals (consultations, refresher courses, seminars, workshops, conferences, etc.), providing them with development of competence and the level of professional competence in the sphere of speech development and its pathology. Professional retraining of specialists.
    • Establishment of contacts with government authorities, public associations, educational and medical institutions of different types and kinds to support people with speech pathology.
    • Conduct of scientific and methodological research of  prevention and correction of speech disorders.
    • Participation in international, Russian and regional scientific and practical conferences for the prevention and correction of speech disorders.
    • Assistance of specialists in conducting analysis of  activities and Lessons  in the form of articles,  reports, messages, etc.
    • Publication of scientific and educational materials on matters which are within the competence of the staff of the Centre
    • Organization of students’ research work
    • Establishment of contacts with the media, formation of the public opinion towards people with speech pathology and appropriate treatment of them in the society.
Head of the Center : Tverskaya Olga Nikolaevna. Candidate of Pedagogic Sciences, Associate Professor, Head of the Chair of  Logopedics.
Information and Methodology Training Center
    • Monitoring of information skills, implementation of teachers' inquiries  
    • Collection, storage, analysis, classification, collection and dissemination of psychological and pedagogical information in accordance with the accepted standards in the education system of the Russian Federation
    • Scientific and methodological provision of the process of identification, study and promotion of the advanced  psycho-pedagogical experience and innovation in  the system of education; implantation of new information technologies in the education management, creation of a bank of psychological and pedagogical information; 
    • Assistance in conducting scientific and practical activities
    • Organization of the distribution of psychological and pedagogical information through publishing, audiovisual programs, network access
    • Organization of employees’ development in competence
Head  of the Center : Kuvardina Olga Valerievna 
Center for Oral History and Visual Anthropology
Head of Laboratory: Selyaninova Gulsina Dagiryanovna. Candidate of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor
Center of  school and family mediation
The main functions are: 
    • participation  in the preparation of a professional institution of mediators in Perm Krai;
    • provision of  mediation (a non-judicial dispute resolution procedure)  to persons and corporate entities; 
    • methodical assistance of  school reconciliation service operating in  Perm Krai;
    • participation in the implementation of various courses in the sphere of conflict resolution disciplines PLO PSHPU;
    • participation in conducting   workshops as  training courses "Mediation in the socio-legal sphere", provided  with the PLO 050100 Teacher Education (profile "Law");
    • participation in the implementation of the master's program 050100 Teacher Education («Warning and prevention of crimes and offenses in the sphere of education») course «Apologetic technology in criminal proceedings»;
    • development of local, municipal and regional programs to prevent  illegal behavior of children and the youth in  Perm Krai.
Head of the Center: Natalya V. Novikova, Candidate of Law sciences. Supervisor of the department of legal disciplines and methods of teaching law.
Centre for Professional Education       
The fields of  activity:
    • development of competence through the course work, traineeship, scientific management, consultancy , etc. of employees of primary, secondary and higher education;
    • fulfillment of research, analysis, design, implementation, and other types of work by request of organizations related to professional education.
Head of the Center: Elena K. Gitman, Doctor of Education, Professor