Admission Scheme

Step 1. Filling in the form.

If you are interested in this programme please fill inn the following form

Step 2. Sending the documents. 
  • copy of the international passport pages (those with the photo, date and place of birth etc.); 
  • scanned copies of the documents confirming your previous education.
Step 3. Skype entrance interview.

It is a kind of entrance examinations organized in the form of Skype interview with one member of the teaching staff.

Step 4. Making the invitation.

You should send us the completed application form.

The whole procedure takes 30 working days.

Step 5. Receiving the invitation.

We send the original of invitation by Express-mail and scanned copy by e-mail. You will receive the invitation within a week. 

Step 6. Legalization of the documents.

Please pay attention that by your arrival at the University both your Certificate/Diploma and Transcript should be LEGALIZED (legalization is the procedure of academic documents approval in the Ministry of International Affairs in the country of your graduation and after that in the Russian Consulate - in both these organizations they should put a stamp on the back side of your documents or on their copies; in different countries there are different rules). 

Step 7. Arrival at PSHPU.
Required Documents:

The documents required for admission should be submitted first-hand by the applicant to the admission committee located:Perm, Sibirskaya st (building №1), room 12, room 9; 

  1. national passport with visa;
  2. migration card;
  3. originals of previously sent educational documents;
  4. duly certified translation into Russian of the foreign document of education and its annexes (if they are provided by the legislation of the State in which such document was issued);
  5. certificate of legalization of documents of education;
  6. original of the medical certificate (medical certificate form 086-Y/286);
  7. original medical certificate of absence of HIV infection issued no more than 6 months prior to applying;
  8. 8 color photos of size 3x4 cm on matter paper.

Application period: September, 15 – September, 19.

Entrance Examinations: enrollment of foreign citizens into PSHPU is conducted on a competitive basis by the results of the entrance examinations, which is held by the university by way of an interview.

Entrance Examinations Dates September, 22 – September, 26.

Enrollment Timeline September, 30.

Foreign residents are admitted to Perm State Humanitarian-Pedagogical University(hereafter referred to as – PSHPU, university) for master's degree programme «Teaching and Learning»:

  • self-supporting education - under agreements between the University and the individuals and / or entities on the conditions for the provision of paid educational services. 
Contact information:

additional information can be found at, or in the Admission Committee:Perm, Sibirskaya St, 24 rooms 9, 12 (2 floor) or Department of International Relations:Perm, Sibirskaya St, 24 room 13 (2 floor)

(342) 212-98-86

(342) 238-64-19

(342) 238-63-43

(342) 212-35-21