University education

Master's Degree Programme in PSHPU
Programme characteristics

Master's Degree Programme is the second stage of higher education. Receiving master's degree will allow you to obtain profound knowledge and competence in the chosen field. PSHPU master's programme is a great way to broaden the range of your professional abilities and contacts. The programme is perfect for those who want to discover the science in its true academic sense, get a feel for scientific research and experience excitement of new findings, or to try their hand in practice as a specialist in education and student teacher. We use cutting-edge technologies and training tools in the educational process, such as multimedia devices, Internet technologies, laboratories with the latest equipment, etc.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of master's programme display the highest level of training and are fit to work in various health care services, legal and educational institutions. Due to the fact that we devote much time for practice, when our students graduate they already have formed competence required for work in their field of study which ensures their career success.  Master's degree will allow graduates to be suitable for work with high expertise requirement and will guarantee employment inPerm,Permregion and its borders. 

Master's Thesis

In the process of receiving a master's degree every student is to write and then defend a master's thesis. It is predominantly of an applied nature which, on the one hand allows students to contribute to the development of their organization, and on the other, to look inside other organizations and possibly continue their working career there. A master's thesis also includes a substantial research component, which is a good foundation for further research activities and PhD thesis. At the request of a student, during the master's degree course he or she can prepare and pass the candidate minimum exams. 

Classes schedule:

Full-time form of study                            

Duration of the programme - 2 years

Classes in the evening (from 4.45pm to 8.05 pm); on weekdays (1-2 days a week) and on Saturdays