Contemporary idea of career of pedagogical university graduating student differs from the approaches recently prevailed in Russian theory and practice of pedagogical education. The thing considered to be careerism before, is important sign of graduating student’s professional development now.

Career of a teacher is not only a process of purposeful and consistent professional development, authority’s growth, status in the social, economic and moral spheres. It is also a process of building integral image of oneself as a competent professional.

The University has all conditions for successful professional career development of students.

It is given countenance to research students’ groups foundation within the framework of research and practical conferences, forums, projects’ contests, competitions, inclusion of students in the work of various professional, creative, scientific associations and communities (youth centers, educational clubs, student units, unions, associations), participation in such contests, as ‘My Pedagogical Credo’, ‘Teacher of the 21st Century’, ‘Summer Fireworks’, ‘Hello, we are looking for Teachers’, ‘Careerist’, festivals, acts of charity, volunteer work, meetings with outstanding graduates, teachers-professionals. It contributes to pedagogical work motivation increase, the value of the teaching profession realization, professional development and self-perfection among students.

The important component of career development is initial job placement of a graduate, the beginning of his/her independent professional work. University assistance on this stage of career development includes provision of job choice, resume writing, interviewing techniques training.

Permanent dialogue with employers (there are 3000 institutions and organizations in the employers’ registry of the University, 2340 of which are from the sphere of education) helps the Centre to monitor the quality of specialist training, correct career guidance work with students.

The University is proud of its graduates and does everything to make them successful.