International Centre

Vladislav D. Shubincev
  • Vladislav D. Shubincev
  • Manager for International Affairs
  • 24 Sibirskaya Str., room 13
  • +7 (342) 219-05-73
Main activities:
  • expansion of international contacts with leading foreign universities in the field of education and research;
  • invitation of foreign students to study at the University;
  • preparation of visits and reception of foreign delegations arriving at PSHPU with  official, business, informal (private) visits, transit visits;
  • preparation of invitations to foreign guests arriving at the University;
  • residence registration of foreign professors and students;
  • multiple-entry visas processing;
  • social work with foreign students to promote their awareness  concerning peculiarities and specificity of studying at theRussianUniversity.