University life

Academic year of a full-time student begins in September and finishes the following year in July. It is divided into two terms: autumn and spring, each of which finishes with examination session (winter and summer). A student is sent to work experience or school practice after summer examination session. The dates of the terms, examination sessions and practices are annually defined by the curriculum schedule.

Studies at the University are strictly held according to the timetable. You can look through the timetable on the notice board of the faculty. The duration of the academic hour is 45 minutes (‘couple’ - 1 hour 30 minutes).

The environment of pedagogical University is very different from other universities. The main goal is to create open opportunities environment, conditions in which each student will be able to find themselves in sport, creative work, political activity or any other constructive activities. We try to create the environment in which everyone can fulfil himself/herself.